Contemporary Art – Carry van Delft

“Art is not the reflection of reality, it is the reality of reflection” (Godard)


The Artist

Carry van Delft is a dutch contemporary artist that has exhibited in many countries. Besides Leidschendam, she works alternately in her studio in central France. She gained fame by her harmonious nature paintings that reinterpret the perceived world in her own way to capture that one moment in which nature reveals itself. 
Her work is sometimes abstract than again on the edge of figurative.

Van Delft paints with passion and dedication. Whether it is the atmosphere of a beautiful garden, a full flower fragment, a mystical or sun-drenched landscape or a wild sea, she captures nature in all her facets. In exuberance and color, but just as well in a calm and intense atmosphere.

Contemporary Colorful Florals

The colorful abstract floral works show flowery fragments as well as blooming gardens and field impressions. Sometimes explosively painted with long strokes, then again in a more quiet setting. They are harmonies of color and tone often with contrasts of light and dark.

Atmospheric Landscapes

The vast landscapes show a more quiet and different approach. They are made up of subtly applied and sponged layers of paint. This evokes atmospheric air lots and sensitive transitions between air and land. The intention is not to create a common landscape image. The added value lies in the abstraction: the removal of certain elements in order to discover the atmosphere of a new nature with peaceful, still images.

(Turbulent) Abstract Seascapes

With an expressionistic directness, the seascapes (in progress) are painted  and displayed in varying weather conditions. Raw and overwhelming as the water can be with howling wind, high splashing waves or an ominously dark sky, but also the coast at calmer moments.

(International) Exhibitions

Since 2003, the artist has exhibited with more than 50 exhibitions at home and abroad, including the Netherlands, France, Germany, the United States, Belgium, Hungary and Italy (Biennale) at galleries, regional museums, (international) art fairs and manifestations.

Artworks can be found in art rental, corporate and private collections in the Netherlands and abroad.


Places that we consciously perceive in nature usually never leave us indifferent. They linger in our minds. Every person has a place with great memories. My work evokes these memories. They lead the viewer to places where one can just wander through certain moments of time. Stillness, timelessness but equally exuberance and abundance. The diversity and contrasts in nature remain for me a never-ending experience to put on canvas. Light,air, color, space. What inspires me is  the world with its all-embracing greatness of nature. For me nature and art are inextricably linked to each other “.  Nowhere do I find so much inspiration, peace and comfort as in nature. – Flowery Works – Wild Seascapes – Atmospheric Landscapes