Contemporary Art – Carry van Delft

“Art is not the reflection of reality, it is the reality of reflection” (Godard)


Current Exposition in Vlaardingen center until July 31st (see Newspage)



The paintings of Dutch international artist Carry van Delft are known as emotive and expressive. They are scenes from nature that refer to a certain place with a certain atmosphere. Fascination for the immense diversity of nature,which she translates in a broad manner, is strongly reflected in her paintings. Her work is sometimes abstract than again on the edge of figurative.

Contemporary Florals

The colorful (often large) floral works include full (pattern-like) floral fragments but also garden and field impressions. They are often exuberant, abundant, explosive. Typical are the visible paint buttons that are applied with palette knife and flat brush. Up close, it shows abstract color explosions, but from a distance a fascinating floral splendor unfolds with recognizable flowers.


The vast landscapes show a more quiet and different approach. They are made up of subtly applied and sponged layers of paint. This evokes atmospheric air lots and sensitive transitions between air and land. Together with the attentively painted light on every landscape, they effect feelings of melancholy from the viewer.

(Turbulent) Seascapes

The series abstract seascapes (in progress) are displayed in varying weather conditions. Stormy weather, high splashing waves and an ominous dark sky. Wind and water demonstrate the immense power of nature showing many faces of the ocean and the coast.

Outdoor Art

Participation in various outdoor art projects. Such as the vanes of the Historical Aeolus Mill (11 x 2 m) with floral art (duo project). She inititated this project in favour of the “Entente Florale Europe” (election contest Greenest City) for the Municipality of Vlaardingen.


Since 2003, her work has been exhibited in more than 50 exhibitions at home and abroad (including the Netherlands, France, Germany, the United States, Belgium, Hungary and Italy) at international art fairs, in galleries, regional museums, and art events.


In addition to Vlaardingen she works in her studio in France on a regular basis to capture the special light that is a fixed theme in the category landscapes and often determines the atmosphere.

Artworks can be found in art rental, corporate and private collections (the Netherlands and abroad).


Places that we consciously perceive in nature usually never leave us indifferent. They linger in our minds. Every person has a place with great memories. My work evokes these memories. They lead the viewer to places where one can just wander through certain moments of time. Stillness, timelessness but equally exuberance and abundance. The diversity and contrasts in nature remain for me a never-ending experience to put on canvas. Light,air, color, space. What inspires me isĀ  the world with its all-embracing greatness of nature. For me nature and art are inextricably linked to each other “.